The Issues

There is no right or left issue, only the issues.

In deciding the right course of action we must always keep in mind the freedom of personal choice and simplicity for business and the public. We must listen to the people and create the dialogue that is not currently happening in Albany to find real long term solutions to our problems, not quick temporary fixes for cheap political points.

Whether you believe climate change is real or not it makes sense to reduce and reuse the resources we have. Our objectives should be to reduce our waste on the environment, efficiently implement renewable energy, and use government to incentivize the needs and wants of society.

Keep the SHSAT exam for NY Public schools. However, let’s not ignore the real issue of other underprivileged and minority groups. Let’s stop this slippery slope that will affect all public schools by lowering the bar of academic standards in favor of race. The current efforts to get rid of the SHSAT are an indication of the Democrats intention to tear apart the what works in favor of their own agenda. Let’s revamp the system to empower students in all areas by increasing tutoring and outreach to all with the money that is already in the system.

Taxes between NY and NYC can be as high as 12% on top of the federal tax rates. With the new tax law New Yorkers will be hit especially hard. We must focus on reducing and simplifying NYs tax rate while controlling state spending and making it more efficient for our necessary government services and programs. Managing taxes is the key. Yes we all want tax cuts but we need to find the balance where the tax income is low enough to bring ease to people and business but enough to fund a new efficient and digital government. I will create dialogue to discover solutions that incorporate the best of all ideas.



Reduce tax rates for all business and develop permanent incentives for business to stay and hire local. We need to make NY competitive again.



  • Let rent become tax deductible to state income tax.
  • Reduce the current income tax rates and simplify the code to increase disposable income for our residents.

Modernize the current business licensing and regulatory process. All forms should be digitized and all application done and submitted via the web or your smartphone. This will not only make it easier for business to operate but reduce the paper usage and administration costs.

Business regulations will be reviewed to reduce the redundancies and make the system easier to understand for small business. Right now a small business practically needs a legal team to understand all the new regulations that come out of the state and city. It is the onus of the government to educate the public on the laws they push and therefore is their responsibility to make the law easy to understand and follow.

We also need to offer tax incentives for businesses that show a commitment to implementing the initiatives society wants, not ban, regulate, and tax.

There are a number of vacant storefronts in our city, we need to be disruptive to the current situation in the era of the internet and always remember, simplicity is best!

Overall, we need to make doing business in NY easier to keep and attract business to NY.

A myriad of issues exist that affect both commercial and residential rent. To blame one issue solely is ignoring a multi faceted market. We need to develop common sense simple legislation that stabilizes rent and attracts new business for the long term. Our focus should be on listening to the people and business to discover unique permanent solutions for the 21st century. As senator I will work tirelessly to build a team of dedicated people to uncover the solution to an issue that is plaguing our city and rebuild our communities.

Foster communication between the NYPD and the community and build a more robust community outreach program with locals working alongside cops. Outreach is key to educating the public and for each citizen to better understand and work with our men and women in blue.

The New York system is outdated. We need to modernize the system to the 21st century that will not only reduce costs in the long run but maintain current fare rates. All services should be made available online and on our phones. The budget is already there, it needs to be used better!

Everyone is equal, end of discussion. Promote legislation that ensures protection of everyone’s everyone’s freedom to choose what they feel best for themselves, not the government.

Legalize Marijuana

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