Who is Anthony Arias?

Disillusioned with the politically partisan climate of the present, Anthony Arias is an ambitious 28-year-old individual running for the New York State Senate. As a first time candidate, Anthony is most comfortable in the middle of the political spectrum, spending his passion in pursuit of common sense legislation that has been left behind in the current gridlock. His stances are constituent first, and hold the principles of social equality and economic equity above all else. A self-made businessman, he knows first-hand the challenges the majority of current policy poses to these values, and with the support of politically aware American citizens such as yourself, we can work to overcome them.

At 24, the young New Jersey transplant embraced the New York City way of life and established himself quickly. Fighting his way through the New York bureaucracy to build multiple businesses, he promptly got involved in the communities in which he lives, works and loves. In 2012, Anthony began his political career as a volunteer with the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, becoming the President of the organization a mere 5 years later in 2017. As Chamber President, Anthony oversees the collaboration of various community groups, a position that has allowed for strategizing and the discovery of new ways to bring more traffic to small businesses. In 2018, Anthony became a board member on Community Board 1, expanding his commitment to the community and helping both small business and residents increase their standard of living.[1] Anthony worked on the ground extensively to help them navigate the needlessly complicated government system and has helped to develop new community events for all to enjoy.

As a business owner, Anthony demonstrated distinct moral caricature by implementing business models across his companies which focused on customer service rather than profit-margins. In Sada Capital, he created a firm that focuses on its relationships with consumers first and listening to the needs of his clients. However, what is truly impressive is how Sada Capital has grown year over year despite its humanitarian mission statement. Through his financial pursuits, Anthony has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life with their financial goals, and Sada capital has stayed true to the mission of being the best fiduciary possible by putting its clients first. In 2016, he partnered with a good friend to create a government contracting business. Working with the U.S. armed forces and NY State National Guard, Anthony reduced the cost of government acquisitions significantly, saving large sums of wasted taxpayer money. His work as a public servant began well before this campaign.

Everything Anthony has done and seeks to do focuses on a few fundamental principles: Transparency, Trust, Communication, and Flexibility. Without any of the above, no one can hope to both be successful in business and create meaningful change in his or her community. Having achieved a level of financial success and by dealing with community issues for years, Anthony has become frustrated with the current system and the way our representatives respond to community issues. Instead of acting for the interests of the public, their sole intention is to support special interest groups and to get re-elected. After helping dozens to navigate the complicated bureaucracy, hundreds to a higher level in financial planning, and hopefully thousands as a public servant, Anthony decided is it time to stop complaining and do something about it.

In May of 2018, Anthony W. Arias proudly announced his candidacy for Senator of the New York State Senate 26th District, hoping bring the strong values and leadership he has developed in business, the chamber of commerce, and the community board to Albany. In doing so, Anthony seeks to create conversation by listening to his constituency help make life and business more comfortable and accessible by creating more options for the common New Yorker.

 More about Anthony:

  • Holds a Bachelors of Science degree in economics from the George Washington University
  • President of the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce
  • Sits on the National Council Advisory Board for GWU
  • Committee member of the GWU Finance Alumni
  • Board Member for Community Board 1 of Lower Manhattan
  • Advisory board member for G Global
  • Chief Investment Officer of the Saunders Family Office

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