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Chinese American Alliance Action (CAA-Action) endorse Anthony Arias for 2018 New York State Senate



SUPPORTING Anthony Arias FOR NY State Senate District 26


The Chinese American Alliance Action (CAA-Action), a National non-government organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with grassroots members of Chinese Americans across the United States, is proud to announce that our endorsement of Mr. Anthony Arias for NY State Senate District 26. 

CAA-Action promotes common sense values of traditional American families and safeguards the right of equal protection with an emphasis on Chinese and Asian American communities to foster dialogue among all Americans. We members of CAA-Action believe in hard-work, education, and the preservation of law and order. We believe that those who work hard will always be rewarded beyond their aspirations. Mr. Arias represents these values, and so CAA-Action believes that Mr. Arias is the most qualified to represent and lead the people of NY SD26 as Senator. 

Mr. Arias has 6 years of experience in local government and community engagement, during which time he has worked to help the community and small businesses flourish. Through the efforts of the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Arias has set out to reform the way small business operates and interacts with the government, improving the communities and working to make it easier to conduct business. He advocates for substantial changes in the educational system, creating opportunities for all students to achieve new heights based on their merits. Mr. Arias wants to bring back arts and vocational programs and expand the number of specialized high schools as well as gifted and talented programs to every neighborhood. He advocates reforming the guidance program to better understand the needs and wants of young New Yorkers.

Mr. Arias’s policies to reduce bureaucracy will help simplify and cut the cost of education and put more money back to work for all students. As a big proponent on reducing the burden of gentrification and forcing new developments to abide by the environmental laws they are currently violating, therefore reducing the size and scope of new developments to keep the fabric of our communities resilient and green. These changes are exactly the kind that CAA-Action wishes to see more of. We are happy to see Mr. Arias’s enthusiasm for ideas that we share and are excited to see the amazing changes these ideas will bring to New York.

With this endorsement, CAA-Action members will support Mr. Arias’ campaign by organizing fundraising and volunteer activities for him. We are proud to stand behind Mr. Arias, and we encourage all, CAA-Action members to join the campaign of Anthony Arias to create a better and brighter future for the state of New York.


Andy Zhang

President of CAA Action
August 12, 2018


Mission of CAA Action is to promote the conservative values of traditional American families. We aim to safeguard the right to equal protection, with an emphasis on Chinese and Asian American communities. We also strive to foster dialogue and ensure fair opportunities among all Americans. P.O. Box 168, Deerfield IL 60015


CAA Action Endorsement-Anthony-Arias

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