Who is Brian Pasalich?

Since a young age, Brian’s passion has been focused on serving. In high school he became an EMT volunteering on the ambulance and Search & Rescue. After graduation he served as a flight paramedic with the Army Reserve, two SWAT teams, a civilian flight paramedic for a trauma center and has spent time providing medical care in third-world countries. After college, Brian had a change of direction and realized that though medicine was an amazing career, he felt there was something more.

Growing up in an immigrant family, he understood the importance of having goals and a clear direction combined with a strong work ethic. This combined with a passion for helping people led him to a career as a financial planner with a wealth management firm over a decade ago.

Early in his career Brian was promoted into management and has hired, coached and developed hundreds of advisors, building teams committed to helping clients achieve their goals.

Outside the office, Brian is passionate about giving back. He volunteers his time helping thousands of individuals through workshops focused on financial literacy/vision/goals as well as staying active in LGBT issues by serving on the board of Marriage Equality USA and as the Financial Services Industry Council Chair for NGLCCNY.

Brian believes that every individual should have the opportunity to not only live a life of success but one of significance

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